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In her latest interview with W magazine, Selena Gomez made it clear she was "so over" ex-bae Justin Bieber.

But according to a new report by Celeb Dirty Laundry, the "Hands to Myself" singer just asked the Biebs to hang out on Valentine’s Day – although, just as friends.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: 2011 American Music Awards
Photo via WENN

“Selena knows that Justin hates being alone on holidays," a source told the site. "She is acting as if she could care less if he says ‘yes’ – and just invited him to hang out to be polite."

Justin doesn’t like to be alone on holidays, huh? Sounds like a poor, sad, lonely boy just looking for a connection, right?

But it wouldn’t be a true tabloid report if there wasn’t a tired stereotype about a woman being desperate on V-Day. 

"Secretly, Selena will be devastated if he says ‘no’ and hangs out with one of his random hook-ups or flavor of the week on such a romantic day.”

We’re sneezing bullsh*t on this one.

You see, peeps just don’t want to let this whole Selena-Justin thing go, and what better time to resuscitate this dead horse than the most over-commercialized Hallmark holiday that makes most folks want to ralph?

In the past couple months, Selena Gomez has been linked romantically to Niall Horan, Orlando Bloom and Samuel Krost as well as Justin.

But we have a feeling Selena would be perfectly content spending V-day at Chili’s eating mozzarella sticks then catching a showing of How to Be Single with Taylor Swift and other members of the girl squad. 

We’re sure Calvin Harris will understand.