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When you think of Chris Brown, “romantic” might not be the first word that pops into your head.

But before all the arrests, and the violence, and the many, many instances of repugnant behavior, Breezy made a name for himself crooning sentimental tunes about the ladies in his life. And now it seems he’s returning to his roots in order to fix his love life.

As you may remember, Chris and Karrueche Tran broke up for good back in March of last year, shortly after the world learned that Chris had a baby with another woman.

Chris Brown in 2021
Photo via Getty

She had dumped the singer many times before (most memorably when he posted a photo of Karrueche in a thong online without her knowledge or permission), but this time it stuck.

Tran even sealed the deal by tweeting about her new relationship status for the benefit of her 700,000 followers.

Now, however, Chris is turning the tables and going even more public in his effort to win Karrueche back.

“Now where you been, it’s been a year,” Brown sings in the new remix of Zayn Malik’s single “Back to Sleep.”

“Baby I ain’t seen you, you know I miss you/ Baby let me love you back to sleep once more.”

And in case Karrrueche (or anyone else) wondered who Brown is talking about, he even makes a point of addressing her by name:

“You want me to say your name girl?/ Okay, Karrueche!” 

Of course, he also name-checks the many women he cheated on her with:

“I just wanna tell you I’m sorry/ For f–kin’ round with Keisha and MaKayla/ For all the Georgia peaches in Decatur/ For all these bitches in the elevator/ I just want you to love me/ Yeah baby don’t test me/ You know I’ll do it.” 

We’re gonna go ahead and take back what we said about Breezy being a romantic.