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When Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna first started dating last month, fans thought the worst, and it was hard to blame them.


She’s just using him for fame! She’s trying to stick it to Kylie! She doesn’t love him! This is terrible!

But it turns out, Blac actually seems to be a very positive influence on Rob.

The normally moody, reclusive star is reportedly happier than ever, and now he’s lost a whopping 40 pounds with his girlfriend’s help, according to TMZ.

Blac reportedly has him on a strict diet that completely shuns fast food, red meat and carbs, and she has been feeding him healthy, home-cooked meals.

She also put him on a exercise regimen that entails hitting the gym five days a week with a trainer.

And apparently, it’s paid off. 

A week ago, Rob posted the words "Progress = Happiness" to Instagram, hinting that his new lifestyle with his new love is working wonders.

We have to say, he looks pretty happy in this video he posted to Insta two days ago.

He still looks a bit chubby in the cheeks there, but we’re pretty sure that was mostly due to the crazy Snapchat filter.

Rob has supposedly also been waist training with Blac, which basically just means wearing a corset to make your midsection appear smaller, but we’ll believe that when we see it.

Now, 40 pounds is a LOT of weight to lose in a month – some experts might even say an unhealthy amount.

We question whether he actually shed that many pounds, but it does seem like he’s down quite a bit and getting healthier, and that makes us happy.

Amazing what love can do.