Teresa Giudice Has a Blast on New Year's Eve!

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Teresa Giudice said goodbye to the worst year of her life and hello to what she hopes will be the best year of her life on Thursday night.

And she did it with a former sworn enemy by her side.

Teresa Giudice on New Year's Eve

As you can see above, the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member through it down in New Year's Eve alongside sister-in-law Melissa Gorga.

"About last night," Gorga, 36, captioned an Instagram of the women posing in their evening wear, adding:

"Bring it on 2016!!"

Teresa, of course, was just released from prison on the morning of December 23.

She spent several months behind bars after pleading guilty to various forms of financial fraud in March of 2014.

You'd think she'd maybe be ashamed of those actions or wish to keep a low profile for a bit in order to prove that she's learned some kind of lesson.

But nope.

Instead she arrived home to a brand new Lexus... filmed a video of herself wishing fans* a happy new year... and then made sure we all knew that she was back to her partying ways.

(*Can someone please explain to us how Teresa Giudice has a single fan? Someone? Anyone? Please? We're dying to know the positive attributes people see in this horror of a human being.)

Look for Giudice to appear on a Bravo special in early 2016 and then to make her return later this year to The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

And look for us to have thrown our computer off a balcony right around that time.

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