23 Teresa Giudice GIFs That Should Worry Her Fellow Inmates (and Everyone Else)

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When a cast member of Bravo's The Real Housewives of New Jersey gets sent up the river, you might think she's in for a world of pain.

Not necessarily in this case.

We knew going int the year she spent at Danbury Federal Correctional, nicknamed Camp Cupcake, that Tre is no cupcake herself.

Now that Giudice's release is imminent on December 23, 2015, we'll see if her cheating, fellow felon of a spouse Joe runs for the hills.

We might after seeing this.

These GIFs prove that while prison is no picnic, she'll likely go down as one of the baddest b!tches in the minimum security lockup.

Joe's got nothin' on Tre.

1. Table Flipping Fiend

Table Flipping Fiend
Teresa Giudice is not gonna take any crap. Her table-flipping reputation will precede her in prison, thanks to The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 1.

2. The F--k Off Me!

The F--k Off Me!
Do not put your hands on Teresa Giudice. Step the f--k off.

3. B!tch Slap a B!tch

B!tch Slap a B!tch
Sometimes b!tches just have a good b!tch slap coming.


Teresa Giudice has to be held back in this classic Real Housewives of New Jersey Gif-able moment.

5. Bust You in the Eye With My 9mm

Bust You in the Eye With My 9mm
Teresa Giudice and her associates do not mess around. Take heed.

6. Wahhh, You Threw a Table at Me

Wahhh, You Threw a Table at Me
Yes, Teresa Giudice threw a table at you, Danielle Staub. Why don't you go cry about it.

7. Is 'Bitch' Better?

Is 'Bitch' Better?
Would you prefer that or stronger language? Teresa wants to know.

8. Prostitution Whore

Prostitution Whore
Danielle, you had it coming, you dirty prostitution whore hooker harlot sex worker preson.

9. You F--king Stupid ...

You F--king Stupid ...
Teresa Giudice certainly knows how to be blunt when a situation calls for it.

10. Interrogize THIS

Interrogize THIS
You want an interrogization? I'll give you one, Honey!

11. STFU

Seriously. You best shut the f--k up before you get smacked the f--k up.

12. Skanks

Don't you hate when they come around ruining your day?!

13. A Real Eye-Roller

A Real Eye-Roller
Teresa and Dina Manzo on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. They're not impressed by something that appears to be a real eye-roller.

14. Zip It

Zip It
Pretend your mouth is a zipper and close that motherf--ker. Mmmkthanxbai.

15. Are We Done?

Are We Done?
Teresa Giudice would like to know if you're done talking. If not, hurry up and get done.

16. The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors
That's about all she'll be able to do in prison is lie around, so at least her hobbies fit in at Camp Cupcake.

17. Mwwwwah

Who knows what kind of booty Teresa Giudice has to kiss in prison. You gotta kick it or kiss it, if you know what we mean.

18. Anybody Home?!

Anybody Home?!
Not here, anyway. Teresa didn't show a lot in the way of brains in recent years, hence her trip to the slammer.

19. Teresa Don't Give a F--k!

Teresa Don't Give a F--k!
Teresa Giudice does not mince words. Zero f--ks are given at this time.

20. Teresa Loses Mind, Prepares to Throw Table

Teresa Loses Mind, Prepares to Throw Table
Another vantage point of the moment to end all moments on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, or perhaps reality TV in general: Teresa Giudice's table-flipping freak-out.

21. I Don't Have Time For This

I Don't Have Time For This
Teresa just doesn't have time for this anymore. No, seriously, she has to report to prison.

22. Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate
And according to this, Teresa Giudice is NOT one of them! Wait, what?

23. Diamonds Make Everything Better

Diamonds Make Everything Better
Teresa has the secret to happiness pretty well figured out.

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