Justin Bieber Cozies Up to Hailey Baldwin on Instagram

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin continue to sing the same tune:

We're just friends! There's no romance here! Stop making something out of nothing!

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Get Cozy

Going back over the past several months, Bieber and Baldwin have slammed dating rumors on multiple occasions...

... but they've also gone out of their way to fuel those dating rumors.

How else does one explain the photo featured above?

It was shared by Baldwin on Instagram and it depicts the singer standing tall and staring intensely at the camera, Baldwin’s arms wrapped firmly around his neck.

Hailey simply wrote the words "New Year's" and included a fireworks emoji as a caption.

The long-time pals have been enjoying themselves on a holiday vacation that has also included Bieber’s father and his siblings.

But they continue to insist that nothing romantic is going on, despite appearances.

"We're just friends. I've known him for a long time, since I was about 13," Baldwin told E! in early 2015.

"He's just going through a time in his life where he's transitioning in a really positive way and he needs good people around him.

"And I'm trying to be a good friend and be there for him and support him."

But is Hailey, whose father is actor Stephen Baldwin, supporting Bieber with her clothes on? That's what we're dying to know.

Late last week, Bieber shared shirtless photos of himself and a mystery woman who was not wearing any pants.

Between her and Hailey Baldwin, we may need to update the following photo gallery:

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