Teresa Giudice Car Controversy: Why is She Driving a Lexus?

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Teresa Giudice has been out of jail for about 24 hours now.

And she's already stirring up money-related controversy.

Teresa Giudice is the Worst!

As previously detailed, Giudice was released from a prison in Danbury early Wednesday morning, reuniting with her husband and four children after nearly a year behind bars.

She had been incarcerated due to her admitted role in a mortgage and bankruptcy scheme in which she and Joe Giudice lied to the government about their income and assets.

For some strange reason, many people out there welcomed Giudice home.

But then many others took major issues with the gift that awaited Teresa once she arrived home.

Husband Joe presented his law-breaking with a black Lexus SUV, even wrapping it with a large bow. The car retails for $95,000.

But didn't the family file for bankruptcy in 2011? 

Didn't Joe say at the time that they were $11 million in debt and don't they now owe, like, half a kajillion dollars in restitution?

Heck, purely for appearance's sake, shouldn't the first purchase Joe makes for Teresa after she leaves jail for illegally hiding money perhaps not be a luxury vehicle?!?

"She needs a car. End of story – just like anyone else who needs a car," attorney James J. Leonard, Jr. tells People as an explanation for the purchase.

Of course... Giudice is under house arrest until February 5.

She can only leave home for work.

We're guessing Bravo would gladly send someone to pick her up. We're positive that taxi services and Uber both exist where she resides in New Jersey.

We're sure Joe has a car that she can use, especially considering he won't need it after turning himself into authorities in March and starting his own prison stint.

Teresa Giudice is most definitely not like "anyone else who needs a car," most notably because a significant majority of the population can't even afford the car she just got.

Man. This family sucks more than any family in the history of the world has ever sucked.

Thanks for the Christmas wishes, Teresa. We don't wish you physical harm. But we hope you crash.

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