Teresa Giudice: Bravo Special Flops! Co-Stars Pay the Price!

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Did you watch Teresa Checks In when it aired on Bravo back in October? That's okay; neither did anyone else!

Yes, Teresa's prison special tanked with viewers, but we guess that was to be expected for a reality series in which the title star never actually appears on camera. 

Teresa Giudice is a Bad Person

Apparently, however, network execs thought they'd have a Garden State-sized hit on their hands, so when the ratings dropped lower than Teresa's hairline, they decided to make up their money by dipping into the Real Housewives of New Jersey budget.

Yes, according to Radar Online, Bravo made major cuts to the show that made the Giudices famous, even going so far as to slash a few salaries.

But even though she's indirectly responsible for the penny-pinching, Teresa's contract reportedly remains untouched.

“Bravo cut the RHONJ budget in half,” a source tells the website. “They cut the budget because the ratings for Teresa’s special were so bad.

“They used to spend around $6 million on Jersey. Now they are spending less than $3 million.”

The site reports that Teresa will still receive her previously agreed-upon $1 million for the show's seventh season. Yes, she'll be paid fully one-third of the budget for the entire season. Girl better bring the post-prison drama!

Teresa's sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga is also safe, having signed a six-figure deal just days before the network decided to reduce costs.

Unfortunately, newcomers Robyn Levy and Christina Flores weren't quite so lucky...

“Robyn and Christina are getting $40,000 in total,” says the insider.

Granted, part of the reason for their relatively paltry salaries is the fact that Robyn and Christina are serving in a part-time "friends of the Housewives" capacity, but even so, the franchise's first lesbian couple was reportedly expecting twice that much.

But hey, that's Teresa for you. Even from behind bars, she'll find a way to screw you over. 

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