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It’s been over three months since Josh Duggar checked into rehab to be treated for sex addiction, and for the majority of that time, he’s had zero contact with his family.

Anna and Josh Duggar Photograph

Last month, the Duggars’ private plane landed near the Reformers Unanimous facility in Rockford, Illinois where Josh is staying.

There was no way of knowing who was on board, however, or whether the family was actually in the area to visit Josh, for that matter.

Now, In Touch has confirmed that a visit definitely took place, and the tabloid has reportedly learned identities of the Duggars who made the trip.

And if the report is accurate it may mean the end of rumors that Anna Duggar is planning to leave Josh

Yes, according to the magazine, Anna made the trip along with the couple’s youngest child, Meredith.

The couple’s other children – Mackynzie, Michael and Marcus (Those Duggars sure love alliteration, don’t they?) – stayed home, and have still not seen their father in several months.

“She had a lot to discuss with Josh," a source close to the family tells In Touch. 

"She thought it best that she go alone so she decided not to bring the kids, except Meredith because she is still breastfeeding."

The insider says Josh and Anna "cried and prayed together" – and then Anna questioned Josh about his affair with porn star Danica Dillon.

Apparently, Anna made the trip because she was concerned about the lawsuit that Danica had filed against Josh in recent weeks.

Moreover, the shocking allegations of violent sex acts that Dillon described in court documents are impossible for her to ignore.

Naturally, Josh claimed that Dillon’s graphic descriptions were completely fabricated.

“Josh told Anna that since he was living a life of sin, he isn’t surprised that people are making things up about him,” the source said.

“But Josh doesn’t confess anything until he is absolutely caught in a lie.”

Shockingly, Anna reportedly believed Josh’s claim that he was never forceful with Dillon.

“She believes everything Josh says. She actually thinks he’s getting better,” says the insider.

Say what you will about Anna – the woman is nothing if not trusting.