Scott Disick to Justin Bieber: I Will F--k You Up!

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Scott Disick is keenly aware that Justin Bieber is (somehow) getting it on with Kourtney Kardashian, but it's the kid factor that kills him.

The notion of the 21-year-old pop singer playing surrogate father to his three small children is driving Disick ballistic, insiders report ...

Justin Bieber, Extreme Close Up

According to a source close to the family, Scott acknowledges Kourtney is free to date who she wants, but as far as the kids go?

He apparently issued an ultimatum to his longtime partner to keep Mason, Penelope and Reign away from that douche at all costs.

Otherwise, there will be hell to pay from the vengeful Lord.

"Scott isn’t upset that [she and Justin] have been hooking up, he’s actually really embarrassed for Kourt," says a Disick insider.

“Scott is definitely embarrassed [but] he knows he can’t control her and if that’s what she wants to do he can’t stop her."

"He’s told Kourtney and mutual friends of Justin's that [Bieber] needs to make sure he keeps his distance from his kids."

"If he crosses that line, Scott will come after him.”

Obviously Scott is not happy about Justin and Kourtney and that comes as no surprise - who would be happy? - but wow.

Is this all Kourtney's revenge? Does she just like the attention of a man (boy?) for once? Does she somehow find Justin attractive?

Maybe it's a combination of all of those things, but regardless, it would be easy to envision Scott flipping the f--k out over it.

Not the case, as long as there are boundaries.

To his credit, Scott's actually being pretty mature about all this given that Bieber taunted Disick about banging her on Instagram.

By keeping the focus on the kids, ironically, he's showing signs of becoming the stable father figure Kourt always wanted.

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