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As you may have heard, Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber are hooking up.

And as you might have guessed, Scott Disick is not thrilled about Justin banging his ex, particularly since Scott was reportedly in the process of trying to win Kourtney back.

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"Of course it stings a bit that Kourt is hooking up with Bieber. But Scott also knows his place and that he doesn’t have the right to have a fit about it," a source tells People magazine.

"He is convinced Kourt is doing it to hurt him. And she succeeded."

Despite the crushing blow of seeing the mother of his children move on with one of Hollywood’s most notorious players, Scott has reportedly remained committed to his sobriety.

Several sources have claimed that Disick relapsed upon hearing the news, but People’s insider insists that "the Lord" hasn’t touched a drop since leaving rehab.

"Scott is doing well and continues to focus on his sobriety. It’s no problem for him to be out with friends and not drink," the source says. "He feels great not drinking. He loves spending time with his kids." 

We guess all it took for Scott to put down the bottle and focus on what’s important was his baby mama hooking up with the world’s most famous pop star.

Maybe Kourtney should’ve started banging the Biebs years ago!