Scheana Marie Asks Fans Not to Bash Her Troubled Marriage

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If you watched Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 4 last night, you know that there's some serious trouble in paradise for newlyweds Scheana Marie and Doormat McGee Mike Shay.

Just months after walking down the aisle, Scheana tearfully confessed to her co-workers (and boss, because traditional workplace rules don't apply at SUR) that Shay moved out of their apartment and hadn't spoken to her in days.

Sadly, it seems as though Shay is suffering from serious substance abuse issues, as Scheana revealed to Lisa that he drinks heavily and pops up to five Vicodin pills a day.

We imagine it was a difficult episode for Scheana to watch, and before it got underway, she asked that fans refrain from any sort of haterism:

“Tonight is a very emotional #PumpRules episode for me," Scheana tweeted. "I ask that you kindly keep your negative opinions to yourself.” 

A reasonable request, but that didn't stop folks from accusing Scheana of pretty serious hypocrisy:

As you may recall, Scheana slept with Eddie Cibrian while he was still married to Brandi Glanville.

There have been no rumors of infidelity in Scheana and Shay's relationship, but it is a bit ironic that Scheana is pleading for sympathy and compassion when it comes to her own marriage, despite having fairly recently played an active part in destroying someone else's.

Perhaps it would be different if Scheana had apologized to Brandi, or even shown the slightest remorse for sleeping with her husband, but instead she's gloated about it on several occasions.

None of that means that Scheana deserves her current situation, but hopefully the image of a smugly grinning Brandi briefly flashed through Mrs. Shay's mind as she composed that tweet.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online from more contradictory behavior from TV's most hypocritical cast.

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