Natalie Kenly: Charlie Sheen Never Revealed HIV Diagnosis to Me, Either!

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Natalie Kenly has something unfortunate in common with Bree Olson.

The fact that both have Charlie Sheen as notches in their bedpost? Well, yes.

Natalie Kenly with Charlie Sheen

But something even more specific than that.

Earlier today, Sheen confirmed to Matt Lauer that he is HIV positive.

As part of his wide-ranging interview on the subject, Sheen said that he disclosed his diagnosis to every sexual partner he's had in the past four years or so.

Every single one? Yes, "no exceptions," Sheen insisted.

However, two exceptions have already emerged.

First, Olson angrily told Howard Stern this morning that Sheen never once mentioned to her that he was HIV positive.

"I was living with him. We were sleeping together every single night [and] he never said anything," Olson relayed to the radio host.

Olson served as one of Sheen's "goddesses" during the actor's tiger blood-induced meltdown in 2011. As did Kenly.

And just like Olson, Kenly tells TMZ that Sheen NEVER revealed his diagnosis to her, either.

Unlike Olson, however, Kenly does not harbor any hard feelings toward the former sitcom star.

She says she has been tested; she's negative for the disease; and that she truly believes Sheen loved all of his women back in the day. She doesn't think he meant them any harm.

So, no, Kenly will not be one of the six women allegedly preparing to sue Sheen over his sexual actions.

The names of those women have not been released, but TMZ says they have hired legal representation and will file a lawsuit against Sheen for "intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud, and sexual battery." 

Stay tuned. This story is not going anywhere for a long time, folks.

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