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While we don’t officially know Josh Duggar’s whereabouts, the leading theory is that he’s undergoing a six-month treatment program.

How one gets "treatment" for being a duplicitous adulterer, we don’t know, but he’s supposedly at the Reformers Unanimous in Illinois.


As for the reports that Josh has gone missing from the center, many fans believe that was simply subterfuge from the Duggars’ reps.

A tactic to keep the media focus off of the facility for fear of distracting Josh, in other words, or exposing some of RU’s practices.

We’ve already detailed the extreme method of "treatment" the Duggars have chosen for Josh, but it looks like even that is exaggerated.

Sources familiar with RU are saying that Josh won’t receive any proper counseling or therapy, as the center exists only to make money.

For the Institute in Basic Life Principles, and its disgraced founder, Bill Gothard. If you throw up in your mouth a little, we don’t blame you.

The Duggars were devoted followers of Gothard’s and based their homeschool and life teachings on materials provided by the IBLP.

In fact, when Josh was sent to counseling after admitting to molesting his sisters years ago, his parents entrusted him to the IBLP.

Clearly, the treatment wasn’t all that terribly effective.

Gothard resigned from IBLP shortly thereafter, following a scandal in which he was accused of groping and sexually harassing female employees.

You really can’t make this sick s–t up at this point.

Now, Josh is receiving a more intense version of the same treatment, and it’s no more likely to deter him from more deviant behavior.

Why would the second time around be different? Especially if Josh shows no remorse for cheating on Anna or molesting his siblings?

“There’s no medical license, and it’s not even clear what Josh is doing there,” a source familiar with the facility tells Radar Online.

“It’s really just another way for the church to make money.”

Fortunately for the folks at IBLP, the Duggars have plenty – and if they stick with their current methods, Josh will need a lot of treatment.