Josh Duggar "Counseling" Methods Revealed: How Did He Repent?

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After he molested four of his sisters and the family babysitter as a teenager, Josh Duggar was sent to receive counseling ... but what did that entail?

According to a new report, he was subjected to bizarre kinds of techniques at the Institute in Basic Life Principles, a controversial evangelical center.

Duggar, Joshua

By now you all know the back story: Josh molested Jill and Jessa Duggar, and most likely Jana and Joy-Anna Duggar, when they were little girls.

Founded by the disgraced televangelist Bill Gothard, Basic Life Principles' Little Rock Training Center is where Josh Duggar supposedly found God.

“Once he became a Christian his conscience became more delicate and he wanted to follow and please the Lord,” said Gothard of his young pupil.

“It was a turning point in his life.”

Gothard also insisted that the now 27-year-old Duggar "certainly learned his lesson ... and now he will have a whole new respect for young ladies.”

Not so much respect where you wouldn't see Josh Duggar watching porn at work (supposedly), but enough to stave off any "inappropriate touching."

To get to that supposedly enlightened point, the teenager was entrusted to the care of Harold Walker, a training leader in the program, in March 2003.

Josh was thrown into the Integrity Construction Institute, learning carpentry and helping renovate buildings as part of an intense manual labor program.

The eldest of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting also underwent intense faith counseling sessions to help him deal with "impure" thoughts he might have.

Given the nature of who Josh was thinking about in such an impure manner ... perhaps now this Jessa Duggar swimsuit photo makes more sense.

Gothard recalled that Duggar’s counselor, Walker, “helped [him] grow spiritually” and that he "really became a Christian" there in Little Rock.

“Josh was put to work helping with the renovations and learning about carpentry and on the side being instructed spiritually,” added Gothard.

“Once he became a Christian, of course his conscience became even more delicate and he wanted to follow and please the Lord."

"It really is a lot different than what you think ... [this] has been overblown, it is not like he is a sexual predator, he was a teenage boy.”

"When Josh came back he was a different person."

That may be the company line that the Duggars are sticking to, but try telling it to the sexual assault victim suing him for what he did.

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