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Back in May, Lindsay Lohan completed her court-ordered community service within hours of a deadline that had already been extended several times.

The good news was that it meant Lindsay would be released from probation after nearly a decade of being having her behavior monitored by the court.

Then bad news was that it meant Lindsay would be off her leash and completely unrestricted for the first time in her adult life.

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"She is a complete mess again," says one insider, described as a "former friend," tells Radar Online. "Lindsay is back to partying non-stop and she has cut almost everyone out of her life again.

The source adds that "she’s even changed her cell phone number" in order to avoid concerned phone calls from friends.

Troubling stories about the 29-year-old actress have been emerging on a regular basis all summer.

The most recent account had Lohan running around naked at a wedding, claiming she’d been drugged – and then DJing a party just a few hours later.

"Although her friends have given her so many chances, many of them are now done with her for good," says the source. "It’s sad, but if she keeps going the way she is, she will be lucky if she makes it to 40."

Friends and family say Lindsay is broke and currently partying her way across Europe in the company of anyone who’s willing to foot the bill for her good time.

Here’s hoping the former star is able to get back to where she once belonged in more ways than one.