Josh Duggar: Rehab Details Revealed!

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Yesterday, Josh Duggar entered rehab in order to be treated for being a creepy perv his "addictions" to strippers, prostitutes and online porn.

Joshua Duggar

In the hours since he checked in, details about Josh's indiscretions (including his paid encounters with Danica Dillon, below) have come to light.

The Duggars have continued to keep the details of treatment received by the eldest of the 19 Kids & Counting under wraps, however, until now.

Fortunately, the folks at Gawker have done some digging, and we now know where Joshua Duggar will be spending the next few weeks.

How exactly he'll be sorting out his seriously twisted views on sex and relationships, we have no clue. But we can tell you where.

We can also tell you how he got there - with the aid of John David Duggar (the twin brother of Jana Duggar, and two years Josh's junior).

According to a flight-tracking website, a private plane belonging to John David (a licensed pilot), made a late-night trip to Rockford, Illinois on Monday.

John David stayed in Rockford for only about 10 minutes, though, before turning around and heading back home to Springdale, Arkansas.

Less than 48 hours later, the Duggars announced that Josh entered rehab.

Basically, it looks like this was the Duggars' way of making a low-key perv delivery and trying to keep it under wraps as well as they could.

It's not clear if this where Josh is, but it's worth noting that the Duggars have ties to Reformers Unanimous, a faith-based organization in Rockford.

Jim Bob has described it as "an incredible addiction program."

It stands to reason that the Duggars would go with a Christian organization to work with Josh on his issues, but interesting that they actually ventured outside of their own "Quiverfull" movement for help.

Apparently, Jim Bob and Michelle may finally agree with the rest of us that the "counseling" Josh received from church elders after he was caught molesting his sisters 10 years ago didn't do the trick.

There's no word on how long the troubled 27-year-old will remain in Rockford, but insiders expect him to stay in treatment for at least four weeks.

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