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Farrah Abraham has been evicted from the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother, bringing an end to a surprisingly long, entertaining run this summer.

She went out with a bang, at least, and a chorus of boos.

The UK audience’s reaction when she left the premises and entered the studio right outside the door to the Big Brother house? Hilarious.

If you missed Farrah exposing her awfulness to an entire new continent over the past few weeks, perhaps the boos weren’t a huge shock.

After all, the 23-year-old Backdoor Teen Mom …

You get the gist. When she wasn’t declaring herself better than Kim Kardashian, she was causing one conflict after another in the house.

Of course, if you’re watching Big Brother or its Celebrity counterpart, the unhinged villain is a big part of what makes you tune in, right?

Exactly. So boo away, but do it with admiration.