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The national embarrassment that is Farrah Abraham’s stint on the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother shows no signs of ending any time soon.

It all started when Farrah attacked her housemate on her first freakin’ episode, yet somehow wasn’t kicked off the show. 

The reality-star-turned-porn-star followed that up by threatening to kill the entire cast

Earlier this week – because Farrah’s insanity isn’t limited to violent fantasies – she informed her castmates that she’s more popular than Kim Kardashian

As you can tell, the woman has raised the facepalm bar pretty high, but if you were afraid that she would run out of ways to make you shake your head in disgust, worry not:

Farrah Abraham Has

Yes, that’s Farrah and fellow porn star Jenna Jameson simulating various sex acts in a kiddie pool full of chocolate.

This clip is not only entertaining, it’s important for a couple of reasons:

  1. It shows just how low Farrah is willing to sink in her ongoing effort to remain relevant.
  2. It reminds us of exactly why the rest of the world has such a snooty attitude about the US.

The producers of Celebrity Big Brother wanted someone to represent America and because Donald Trump is busy running for president and Charles Manson is in prison, they went with Farrah Abraham and various other psychos like Tila Tequila.

Sadly, millions of Brits are now looking on in horror and thinking, "Well, that’s America for ya, innit mate?" or something to that effect.

As for Tila, don’t worry – she was sent home after everyone remembered that she likes to dress like a Nazi. Yeah, we really need to start voting on who represents us abroad.

Jameson we’re actually okay with, though. At least she doesn’t lie about what she does for a living, unlike those other "sex tape" stars.