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Yesterday, we reported that Farrah Abraham assaulted a castmate on the Celebrity Big Brother aftershow, kicking off a brawl that forced producers to bring the show to a halt due to serious injuries sustained by at least one panel member.

There are conflicting reports as to what exactly happened, but everyone seems to agree that it all began when Farrah called model Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace a "hag," prompting Wallace to hurl champagne at her.

Farrah Abraham Celebrity Big Brother Fight

It seems that Farrah decided to respond by going nuclear. While Wallace just hurled champagne at Farrah, the always-classy Ms Abraham responded by throwing champagne glasses.

Yes, she hurled multiple glasses at the the other housemates, one of which struck 64-year-old actress Vicki Michelle in the head, causing her to be hospitalized for whiplash and a concussion.

Farrah says she’s keeping mum for legal reasons, but her new BFF Jenna Jameson says that it was fellow housemate Janice Dickinson who did the most damage by hurling chairs, one of which supposedly struck Farrah.

"Janice Dickinson went on a rampage slinging chairs hitting Farrah in the head and back!" Jameson tweeted.

Reps for Farrah confirmed that she was "assaulted twice" during the melee, and Farrah assured fans on Twitter that she’s "#recovering" and planning to press charges. 

Yes, it sounds like the whole thing turned into the kind of clusterf–k seldom seen on even the trashiest reality series. This is just what happens when you invite Farrah to the party, folks!