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Sadly, the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother doesn’t air on this side of the pond, so we haven’t been able to soak in every second of the garbage fire that was Farrah Abraham’s brief time on the show.

Fortunately, thanks to the magic of the Internet, we were able to enjoy highlights such as Farrah humping Jenna Jameson in a tub full of chocolate pudding and Farrah threatening to kill the entire cast.

Sadly, Farrah has now been "evicted" from the Big Brother house, and for a while, it looked like she wouldn’t have any further opportunities to make our country proud. 

Thankfully, Ms. Abraham was chosen to participate in the aftershow, and last night, this happened:

Farrah Abraham Celebrity Big Brother Fight

Yes, Farrah can be heard shouting, "Hag, be quiet!" at one of the other panelists before the live feed cuts out and the host returns to explain things in an oh-so-British fashion:

“Hi guys, unfortunately we did have to pop that up there due to a matter that happened. Unfortunately we have lost our panel for the evening.” 

Obviously, we have no way of knowing exactly what happened, because the Brits totally miss the point of reality TV by refusing to air any violence.

However, witnesses (including those involved in the melee) say Farrah launched a full-on assault against British model Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.

Farrah reportedly hurled several wine glasses at Horgan-Wallace, and even recruited her new bestie Jenna Jameson as a tag-team partner.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. She was a crazed woman. I was ducking and diving. I was worried about the glass getting in my face," says Horgan-Wallace.

Us Weekly reports that 64-year-old contestant Vicki Michelle was hospitalized for injuries she sustained during the brawl. Farrah and Jenna were both removed by security, and police say they’re investigating the matter.

Never change, Farrah. Just kidding. Please do a complete 180 before you come back to the States. Thanks!