Brandi Glanville Throws Shade at LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian's Parenting Skills

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Last time we checked in on Brandi Glanville, she was continuing her one-woman campaign to let the world know that Joanna Krupa has a smelly vagina.

But with the matter of Joanna's vadge being sorted out in a court of law (seriously), Brandi is now free to turn her attention back to her original rivals - LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian.

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Unexpectedly, that feud has simmered down in recent months.

Sure, Brandi throws shade about Eddie being a deadbeat now and then, but lately it's felt as though Glanville, Rimes and Cibrian have found some common ground, at least with regard to the raising of Eddie and Brandi's two kids.

However, when asked about differences in her and Eddie's parenting philosophies in a recent interview with ET, Brandi claimed that she's much more "strict," and seemed to imply that Eddie and LeAnn basically let 12-year-old Mason and 8-year-old Jake get away with murder.

"On their time, they're like their little buddies," Brandi said.

"On my time, I'm sorry, there's, like, chores and rules and we have to have some sort of structure, because they're not little buddies. They're kids! So, saying 'hell' when you're eight isn't cute. I will smack you!"

Anyone who's seen LeAnn's constant bikini selfies knows that the woman is desperate to be liked, so we're not terribly surprised that she's fixated on being the "cool" step-mom.

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