Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Recap: No Injuries Reported!

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The first part of this season's Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion came and went with no injuries or arrests ... but there was still plenty of drama.

If you watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta online, you know that the fourth season perhaps fell short of last year in terms of scandals and controversies.

However, that's more of a commentary on the insane, Mimi Faust sex tape-driven Season 3, which also featured the reunion fight for the ages.

Seriously, see below. That is worth another look.

While the first installment of this year's reunion did not feature anything close to the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion fight, the tension was thick.

Yet in an unexpected twist, viewers actually saw Joseline Hernandez defending Mimi Faust, despite their complicated relationships with Stevie J.

Stevie plans to bring her and their daughter to L.A., as we learned on last week's finale; Hernandez was asked about this by VH1 host Nina Parker.

Joseline was surprisingly cordial on that subject, but less so when it comes to Mimi's current situation with her other ex-boyfriend, Nikko Smith.

Nikko is on Mimi's case for a cut of the proceeds from her memoir, but Joseline believes she should never agree to give that lowlife leech a cent.

(Yes, Mimi has a memoir out. It's unclear why.)

"He didn't do nothing. Who the f--k is he?" Joseline said ... then implied that rumors about Nikko's homosexuality may be legit, since he has no kids.

If that's not hard evidence, we don't know what is.

Joseline also tore Margeaux (Nikko's estranged wife) a new one, furthering the unlikely alliance - however tenuous - between herself and Mimi.

Margaux wisely came in with her guard up, though, knowing what happened last year and understanding Joseline's volatile temperament.

"For me it's like whatever, I don't care if someone punches me in the face, I just hope they show my shoes or something," Margeaux said.

Truer words have never been spoken.

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