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We heard about it months ago, and last night we finally got to watch it: The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion show fight, as captured by VH1 cameras.

It was everything we expected it to be … and then some.

Let’s cut to the chase: Even if you watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta regularly and were aware of the escalating tension on set, nothing could’ve prepared you for this.

The brawl was so intense that security couldn’t even subdue the cast. So grab a hat, hold the f–k onto it and prepare for an absolutely insane 3-4 minutes …

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Fight Video

The moment Stevie J and Joseline jumped out of their seats and made a beeline for Benzino and Althea, you knew it was going to get ugly. Real ugly.

What followed was beyond crazy, making for the most astonishing Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion (and arguably any reality show) moment of all time.

To have cast members get so heated that they have to be restrained by security is commonplace, or at least something we’ve seen and won’t make jaws drop.

This took the term "fight" to another level, though. It was bedlam, and actually scary to watch at certain points. The cast is lucky no one was badly hurt.

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez breaking free of security and unleashing EPIC rage against Benzino and Althea? And Tammy, and Mimi, and security?

Watch Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 3 Episode 19 Online
Watch Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 3 Episode 19 Online

That has to be unprecedented, or darn close to it.

Shirts were removed. Hair was literally pulled out. The word "bitch" was used approximately 20 times. A cast member grabbed bottles to use as weapons.

Fortunately, that attack was thwarted, unlike much of the violence that played out on the New York stage and got four key players thrown out of the building.

As VH1 host Sommore said, this proves that no matter how scripted some reality TV scenes may be, this was as real as it gets, for better or worse.

Where this melee will ultimately rank among the most notorious celebrity fights of all time remains to be seen, but it’s got to be high up if not at the top.

Only a few events have even come close.