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We told you first at THG. Now The Bachelor himself is finally announcing it:

Ben Higgins will be doling out the roses this coming winter on ABC.

Ben Higgins with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Ben, the third-place finisher from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Bachelorette season, joined Chris Harrison for the Bachelor in Paradise after-show last night.

There, the handsome software salesman confirmed he will carry the franchise torch next, one of the worst-kept Bachelor spoilers in modern times.

Higgins won over America (and producers) in his quest to woo Bristowe this season despite coming up short behind Shawn Booth and Nick Viall.

Or, perhaps simply because he is neither Shawn Booth or Nick Viall.

Prior to the announcement, producers considered having both Ben Higgins and Ben Zorn, another suitor from Bristowe’s season, be The Bachelor.

Proposed title … The Bachelor: All About The Benjamins.

Clever stuff. Ultimately, though, no one remembers who Ben Zorn is, and the dual Bachelorette twist of Kaitlyn and Britt Nilsson was beyond useless.

So they went and made Ben Higgins The Bachelor 2016.

He’s not the most buzzworthy pick, but maybe that’s a good thing after recent years. Plus, Ben has the stamp of approval from Kaitlyn, for sure.

"I say to everybody. Every girl. Every man. Every dog. Everyone out there will agree with me right now that Ben H. is the man," Bristowe said.

Do you agree with Kait? Sound off below!