Serena Williams to Drake: This is Your LAST CHANCE!!!

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Yesterday, we reported that Drake and Serena Williams were spotted making out at a swanky restaurant in Cincinnati.

Serena had just dominated the WTA tournament, and she and Drizzy were reportedly so caught up in the moment that they didn't seem to care who witnessed their PDA.

Serena Williams Image
The Drake Stare

After dinner, they retired to the hotel in which they were both staying, presumably for a round of mixed doubles.

Now, that the wild weekend is over, the rapper and the tennis legend are reportedly making a go at a real relationship, but Serena is laying down stricter rules than a line judge.

TMZ is reporting that Serena has issued Drake an ultimatum: not THOTS, side-pieces, or video vixens of any kind, or it's over.

Yes, it seems Serena and Drake hooked up once before, back in 2011.

The problem then was that Drizzy was too caught up in partying and hanging out with groupies.

Sources say he's promised it'll be different this time, as his respect for Serena and her superstardom has grown in the years since they last hooked up.

We'll see what happens. For now, we would recommend that Serena keep an eye on her dude when he's running through the six with his woes. If anyone can keep up with Drizzy, it's her.

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