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Thank goodness for Jimmy Fallon.

With Donald Trump insisting last week that he definitely was not referring to Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle when mentioning the Fox News anchor’s "blood" coming out of her "wherever," Fallon is now here to clarify other remarks Trump has made.

Jimmy Fallon Parodies Donald Trump

The Presidential hopeful, after all, said that only a "deviant" would confuse his blood-based statement for anything period-related, considering he was clearly talking about Kelly’s nose or other non-vagina body parts.

In that same vein, Fallon impersonated Trump on The Tonight Show yesterday and added:

"When I said Melania had the best melons in the world, of course, I meant her honeydew melons. Only a deviant would think I was talking about her boobs.

Oh, and also:

“When I said Carly Fiorina had too much junk in the trunk, I was obviously talking about the amount of stuff she keeps in the back of her Hyundai Sonata."

Seriously, who would think otherwise?!?

The Trump-Kelly feud has stolen every headline in the days since Thursday’s GOP debate, with Kelly going on TV Monday and defending her Trump line of questioning.

Check out the above video of Fallon acting like Trump and come to a better understanding of what the real estate mogul meant when saying he wants to “have a foursome with Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Nick Minaj."

(HINT: He was talking about golf, of course, not sex!)