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It’s been two weeks since the world learned that Christine Ouzounian might be dating Ben Affleck, and the 28-year-old alleged mistress has spent much of that time living at the swanky Hotel Bel Air.

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Surprised Ben Affleck
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It’s an odd choice of accommodations for an out-of-work nanny, especially considering the junior bungalow suite in which Christine is reportedly staying starts at $1,500 a night.

That means Christine’s six-night stay has cost over 10 grand, thus far. Factor in that she’s been eating all her meals there and drinking at the hotel bar, and Ouzounian has spent a significant portion of her annual salary in less than a week.

Fortunately, Ouzounian’s entire bill is being paid for by Affleck.

Naturally, there are conflicting reports regarding why the newly divorced actor/director is willing to shell out in order to keep his former nanny in the lap of luxury.

Some say Ouzounian and Affleck are in love. Others claim he simply wants to keep tabs on Christine so that she won’t talk to the press.

Several insiders have claimed that Ben and Christine are in touch every day, and he wants to her to continue staying at the hotel so that he can meet up with her for low-key late night rendezvous.

Whatever the case, one thing is for sure – Ben has a vested interest in keeping this woman happy, and the truth about why is almost certain to come out eventually.