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Megyn Kelly about on Howard Kurtz’s Media Buzz yesterday and spoke out for the first time on the simmering feud between her and Donald Trump.

It started, of course, after Kelly asked Trump after his history of sexist comments as moderator of the Republican Presidential debate in Cleveland last Thursday night.

Trump proceeded to slam Kelly as unprofessional after the event ended, saying she singled him out with unfair questions and later adding it may have been due to her menstrual cycle.

Really, he can spin it all he wants, but Trump really said this.

What does Kelly have to say in response?

“I don’t think my history as a journalist supports bias on my part toward either party,” she told Kurtz. “I think I had questions that the left loved [Thursday] night and questions that the right loved."

Asking Trump about past sexist remarks “wasn’t an attack,” she added. “It was a fair question.”

As Kurtz pointed out, Kelly also asked Scott Walker if he would allow a woman to die rather than have an abortion… grilled Ben Carson on his inexperience … and drilled Jeb Bush on all the lives his brother’s Iraq war has cost.

“We were trying to drill down to their most vulnerable areas and then give them a chance to explain them and also give the audience the chance to see how they would handle that,” Kelly explained.

“The job is to get past the talking points and go to the place they might be the most vulnerable … and then give them the chance to knock that ball back to us."

Are you on Team Kelly or Team Trump in this feud? Watch her full interview and weigh in now!