Christine Ouzounian, Ben Affleck Went to Vegas With Tom Brady...While Jennifer Garner Stayed Home With the Kids!

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The more we find out about the life of Christine Ouzounian, the more it seems that sleeping with Ben Affleck while he was still married was the smartest thing the 28-year-old nanny could have done.

Not only is Ouzounian living at the Hotel Bel-Air on Affleck's dime these days, she's spent the last few weeks living the high life and hanging out with Ben's celebrity pals:

Christine Ouzounian Wears Tom Brady's Super Bowl Rings

That's Christine on a private jet wearing four Super Bowl rings that belong to Ben's Boston bro Tom Brady.

The best/worst part? Ben, Christine and Tom were on their way to a poker tournament in Vegas while Jennifer Garner was left behind watching the kids.

You may have heard the rumor that Ben and Christine were caught having sex during a family vacation in the Bahamas.

We still don't know if that's true, but according to Page Six, Affleck and Ouzounian left the islands ahead of schedule to fly to Vegas and stopped to pick up Ballghazi Brady along the way.

“He assured her it was OK. Technically, he was her boss,’’ a source claims.

"Along the way, he convinced her to go to Las Vegas with him for [a] poker tournament. They even stopped and picked up Tom Brady for the trip. While in Vegas, Ben hid Christine the entire time.

Yes, Ben and Christine were supposed to be headed straight back to LA, not partying in Vegas with legendary quarterbacks, and insiders say it's possible that Jen made the decision to fire Ouzounian after she found out about the trip.

For once, Brady's involved in a scandal that doesn't involve deflated balls. Well, at least not his own deflated balls.

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