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If you’re not familiar with the name Christine Ouzounian, allow us to bring you up to speed:

The 28-year-old nanny first made headlines last week when several tabloids reported that Ouzounian is dating Ben Affleck.

Christine Ouzounian Photo
Surprised Ben Affleck

From there, things got even more scandalous, as it was rumored that Ouzounian is not only romantically involved with her newly-divorced former boss, she may have been the cause of his divorce.

In fact, several sources claimed that Ouzounian and Affleck were caught having sex during a family vacation in the Bahamas.

After that alleged ugliness, Affleck’s then-wife Jennifer Garner understandably arrived at the decision that Ouzounian should find another family to work for.

Now, because Hollywood is a land where even the nannies are shameless, money-grubbing opportunists, Ouzounian is reportedly planning to sue Garner for wrongful dismissal.

There’s some disagreement on what exactly caused Jen to kick Christine to the curb (some are sticking with the Bahamas story, others say Ben got busted taking the nanny to Vegas), but in every version, Ouzounian was caught having an inappropriate relationship with Affleck:

"[Garner] fired Christine right away and Ben did nothing about it," one insider tells Hollywood Life.

"Christine’s upset and has met with attorneys to file a wrongful termination suit against Jen. In truth, Christine would rather be Ben’s girlfriend than nanny. She has strong feelings for him and wishes he wanted a relationship."

Page Six adds that Ouzounian has hired a PR firm to help her weather the storm of bad publicity.

Clearly, this woman won’t go away quietly, and when she pictures her life a year from now, she’s polishing the "Christine Affleck" nameplate on her "Best Reality Show About a Nanny Who Screwed and Eventually Married Her Famous Boss" Emmy.

We can’t imagine that Christine actually expects to win money in a court case against Garner, but the woman will obviously do anything for her 16th minute.