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Ed Sheeran recently got the worst tattoo possibly ever. Seriously, you have to see to believe what the English singer had inked on himself.

There really are no words. We’re not sure we’ll be seeing Ed Sheeran dating Nicole Scherzinger for long after she gets a look at this …

Ed Sheeran Tattoo

Perhaps Ed should have taken a one-word cue from one of his most popular songs – "Don’t" – when the idea for this ink crossed his mind.

He may not even be done either.

On his Instagram page, Sheeran posted the above photo of the new lion tattoo – the Mane Event, if you will and captioned it accordingly.

"Halfway and ouch," Ed wrote.

We really don’t want to know what’s still to come if that’s only the half of it … and we can’t see any crowds roaring in approval. You?

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