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You don’t have to have seen the Farrah Abraham sex tape to know that she sucks, so when the Teen Mom trainwreck showed up uninvited to Bella magazine’s annual party in the Hampton’s over the weekend, organizers knew just what to do.

Farrah Abraham Lookin' Plastic

According to witnesses, Farrah never even made it inside the event, as the self-professed non-porn star and her mother got the boot while they were posing for photographers on the red carpet.

“Photographers just started taking photos because they figured she was just an unannounced guest,” one onlooker says.

“Then publicists started yelling ‘Stop, stop! You can’t be here!’

Even more hilarious? “Most celebrities would be embarrassed, but Farrah kept posing and smiling. She refused to leave!”

Security was eventually called and Farrah and her mom were escorted to their car to show themselves off the premises.

Interestingly, the party was hosted by The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Lisa Vanderpump.

There was no word on whether Lisa was the one to order Farrah’s removal, but we’re so hoping that’s how it went down.

It sounds like it was a bit of an ugly incident, but at least Farrah learned a valuable lesson – or at least we would hope so:

You can get all the plastic surgery you want, but people will still recognize you as the girl who sells molds of her vagina on the Internet.