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As more details about the relationship between Christine Ouzounian and Ben Affleck emerge, it looks more and more as though Ben took a page from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s playbook and opted to keep his cheating in-house.

Ouzounian has kept quiet thus far, but she seems to enjoy the attention of the paparazzi, and it’s even been rumored that she’s the one responsible for news of the affair going public.

Christine Ouzounian Photo

Some sources have claimed that Ouzounian is “in love” with Affleck, and while we don’t know if that’s true, it certainly seems that she’s in love with the limelight and more than happy to bid her career as a nanny farewell.

The latest reports about Ben and Christine come from People magazine and E! News.

According to those outlets Affleck and Ouzounian are done now, but when they were hooking up, they did so right under Jennifer Garner’s nose:

You may remember that shortly after their divorce was announced, Affleck and Garner went on vacation together in the Bahamas.

They brought the kids, and the trip seemed to be their way of reassuring their children that they would still enjoy certain activities together as a family. Unfortunately, they also brought the nanny…

Insiders claim that Affleck and Ouzounian attempted a low-key hookup in the Bahamas, but got busted by Garner, who fired the nanny on the spot.

Ben and Jen were already broken up at that point, and Ouzounian thought she was about to go from side-piece to main squeeze.

Unfortunately, she was more interested in fame than in Ben.

Sources tell E! that Christine and Ben began regularly hanging out in LA, until one day when they were hounded by paprazzi, and Affleck found out that Ouzounian was the one who tipped them off. 

He reportedly blew his top and dumped her.

Of course, all of this conflicts with yesterday’s report that Affleck and Ouzounian never got physical.

Because this latest update comes from legitimate sources like People and E!, however, were inclined to believe it.

Of course, we won’t really find out what went down until the nanny inevitably breaks her silence. you can expect that pricey interview to happen any day now.