The Bachelorette Season Finale Recap: Who Did Kaitlyn Bristowe Choose?

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After nearly three whole months of drama, The Bachelorette season finale is upon us yet again, and it's shaping up to be one for the ages.

The most raw, emotional and controversial in Bachelorette history, perhaps, if we want to channel our inner Chris Harrison for a moment.

Will The Bachelorette spoilers be proven correct, or would there an epic twist that shakes Nick, Shawn and Bachelor Nation to its core?

Similarly, did the producers and Kaitlyn conduct an elaborate Snapchat ruse to throw the Internet off the spoiler scent - and pull it off?

Kaitlyn, Nick and Shawn

Kaitlyn Bristowe, the feisty Canadian dance instructor, spent the past 10 weeks whittling down 25 suitors to just Nick Viall and Shawn Booth.

And besting Britt Nilsson, who was initially cast as co-Bachelorette, and being slut-shamed after she bedded Nick. It's been a crazy season.

So would she give the final rose to Viall, the quirky, regular looking 34-year-old software sales exec who was also in this position last summer?

Or did it go to Booth, the affable, handsome 29-year-old whose undeniable chemistry with Kaitlyn was perhaps the strongest from the start?

After both gentlemen (term used loosely, at times) met her family, and she met theirs, Kait faced a difficult choice, but one she felt was right.

So who got the rose, if anyone? And did they get engaged?

One shocking bedroom twist later ... The Bachelorette spoilers were proven correct and Kaitlyn's final rose recipient revealed.

Kaitlyn is engaged to Shawn Booth!

If you missed it earlier this summer, Kaitlyn was with the winner. In bed. In a Snapchat video she somehow shared on the Internet.

It was not a ruse, not staged, not faked, not contrived, and not anything more than it looked like. It is what it is, as they say.

Amazingly, Kaitlyn and Shawn got engaged, proving previous Bachelorette spoilers wrong, and she gave the end away herself.

And you thought you'd seen it all.

Nick ... man. Nick. Words fail us.

At least he got to propose this time? And he didn't totally melt down talking about lovemaking on the After the Final Rose special?

Brutal, though. This guy made it to the bitter end of two straight seasons and it ended badly - and awkwardly - for him each time.

Also pretty darn awkward?

The After the Final Rose special in which he and Shawn were forced to rehash their feud and urged to "hug it out" by Chris Harrison.

They did not do so, but their exchange did not give us any more faith in either party. Or the final rose winner making it to the altar.

Yes, the finale ended with Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth engaged, and they sure seemed happy about that fact Monday night.

You wonder about his mental state, however, as he is clearly still riled up by Nick ... at least Josh Murray shook it off immediately.

Kaitlyn? Also a little flaky.

We're not slut shaming her for one second, or implying that a free spirited, fun loving, joke cracking woman like her isn't serious.

Those aren't mutually exclusive traits from one's desire to fall in love and settle down. We just don't get the sense that she's ready.

Also, the simple fact is that the show's track record is beyond bad. Even seemingly perfect pairs like Josh and Andi fizzled fast.

There have been some great success stories of late and those should be celebrated, but they remain the exception, not the rule.

At this point, it's hard for us to see Kait and Shawn adding themselves to that list, but vote in our poll and tell us if you agree ...

Kaitlyn and Shawn: Will it last?

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