John Stamos Shares First Photos From Fuller House Set, Continues to Rock Epic Sideburns

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Have mercy! John Stamos is back in character as Uncle Jesse and all is right with the world.

John Stamos: Fuller House Photo
John Stamos, Lori Loughlin Image

Okay, so Fuller House probably won't be sweeping the Emmys this year, but the fan-demanded follow-up to the schmaltzy '90s catchphrase-factory is sure to offer a healthy dose of family-friendly nostalgia, and there's something undeniably comforting about seeing Stamos rocking the impeccable coif that helped make him famous.

Especially considering everything the beloved perennial heartthrob has been through lately...

Last month, Stamos was arrested for DUI. Authorities took him to the nearest hospital for reasons that remain unclear, and he checked into rehab for substance abuse issues shortly thereafter. 

So it looks like Uncle Jesse won't be enjoying any post-gig beers with the Rippers, but the important thing is that he'll live to rock (in a very G-rated way) another day.

And hey, it looks like he's still together with Aunt Becky. By our calculations, Nicky and Alex should be old enough to think their dad's leather vests and Elvis obsession are totally lame.

Hey, no one stays cool forever, right? At least he's still got the hair.

Yes, Clinton and Bush are running for president, a Jurassic movie dominated the summer office and Uncle is set to make 'em swoon all over again.

We've officially returned to the early '90s. You can expect a Jonathan Taylor Thomas comeback any day now.

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