Florida Man Arrested for Repeatedly Trying to Tickle Police Officers

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Bryan Chao is living up to the not-so-proud tradition of being a Florida Man.

Last Wednesday, officers in Naples encountered the 24-year old and his wife by the pool at The Inn on Fifth.

According to official reports, Chao pulled the fire alarm at this hotel.

This mug shot

When authorities arrived on the scene, they ordered Chao out of the water... at which time he allegedly asked officers to tickle him.

On multiple occasions.

From there, police arrested Chao for disorderly intoxication, while his better half (she couldn't be much worse!) was also taken into custody because officers determined she was too drunk to take care of herself.

Chao was later released on $1,000 bond.

How does this compare to the Florida Man who tried to have sex with a tree and the Florida Man who tried to cash a $368 billion check?

Find out below!

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