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As you may already know, Farrah Abraham is a fan of plastic surgery.

Even after Farrah’s botched lip injections, the Teen Mom trainwreck thinks going under the knife for cosmetic reasons is always a good idea.

In fact, she clearly believes you’re never too young to start thinking about it:

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That’s Farrah reading a book called My Beautiful Mommy by Dr. Michael Salzhauer to her 6-year-old daughter, Sophia.

The book is designed to help kids understand why their mothers decided to undergo plastic surgery.

In some cases, it’s probably a very effective tool for children who are wondering if their mom recently had a severe allergic reaction to her new lip balm.

But in Farrah’s case, we think it’s a bit much.

You see, Farrah wants her daughter to get plastic surgery. She’s actually spoken about it in interviews.

Granted, it wasn’t Farrah’s most idiotic comment about having work done (that honor would go to the time she compared her plastic surgeries to Caitlyn Jenner’s transition), but it’s still a very dumb thing to say about a first-grader. 

Are we surprised by Farrah’s idiotic take on this particular topic? Not in the slighest.

Remember, this is the same woman who said she expects her daughter to star in a "sex tape" someday. 

Yeah – thinking, parenting, being a human being … these are not Farrah’s strong suits.

We’ll get back to you when we figure out what her strong suit is.