Farrah Abraham Compares Herself, Plastic Surgery Journey to Caitlyn Jenner

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Farrah Abraham is making news again with her head-scratching wisdom, this time pertaining to Caitlyn Jenner and her transition from Bruce.

Some of her points are dubious, as is the fact that she somehow likened Caitlyn to herself, but there's no doubt she was kind and supportive.

Says the Teen Mom star, asked about Caitlyn's transition:

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"I definitely support that. My grandma was a nurse and helped a lot of transgender clients, so growing up, I was very aware of that."

"My family and I have always been very supportive of people going through this. Caitlyn sharing this is awesome and we should all embrace that."

She sees parallels between Cait and her own "transition" as well.

"I talk about it very openly too," Abraham goes on. "I envision myself one way ... I know how I am and I would love for others to understand this."

"If we have more and more people talking about [plastic surgery], then one day, we will really understand that we aren't trying to change ourselves."

"We're not trying to change the way God made us ... this is how God made us and we're going to get there."

"It's like a transformation from kid to tween to teens to adulthood."

She concludes her profound missive, as only she can:

"Everyone has their own transformation and whether it be natural or [with] a little help, I hope others see that in a loving, kind, and educational way."

Of course, Farrah's plastic surgery transformation is not even remotely the same as Caitlyn's, and any assertion to that effect is kind of ridic.

Farrah has not faced the struggles that Caitlyn has, despite the fact that both have undergone operations that were to some degree optional.

Yet despite this absurdity, and the fact that she's already on record saying she'll encourage Sophia to go under the knife, she's being nice here.

Not just nice, but positive, encouraging and uplifting.

About someone else, no less. When you're talking about Farrah, that's a step in the right direction. Baby steps.

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