Farrah Abraham Lip Injections: Can Botched Operation Be Fixed?!

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While Farrah Abraham can only blame, or congratulate, herself for almost all of the issues in her oft-controversial life, we actually feel bad for her in this case.

Farrah Abraham Lip Photo
Farrah Abraham Lip Implant Photo

The photos of Farrah Abraham's botched lip injections above tell you all you need to know. Wow. Girlfriend needs to find herself a new plastic surgeon.

Speaking of which ... it's hard not to see a procedure so blatantly botched and not think of Dr. Terry Dubrow, star of the E! reality show called Botched.

She even shouted out Dubrow and co-star Dr. Paul Nassif on Instagram, writing, “Girlfriends don’t say I didn’t warn ya! #BOTCHED California #ER #fixit."

Dr. Dubrow, of course, is married to The Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Heather Dubrow, and appears regularly on that series as well.

He's seen it all in his day, and something like what happened to Farrah Abraham is clearly prime fodder for the surgeon's solo foray into reality TV fame.

Terry hinted in an interview with the Daily Mail that he may have already been in contact with the Teen Mom star about this cosmetic surgical mishap.

“We can’t talk about that," Durbrow said, "but let’s assume that we may be involved with that at this point ... that’s something she may need help with.”

Drs. Dubrow and Nassif debuted the first season of their show, in which they fix Botched cosmetic procedures, in 2014. Season 2 returns in April.

It makes you wonder if Farrah deliberately experienced this blunder with that in mind, although not even she would go that far for 15 minutes of fame.

Probably not, right? We honestly wouldn't put that past her completely.

In any case, what the heck happened?! The 23-year-old says she researched the (unknown) doctor involved and decided the procedure was a safe bet.

"She was wrong," says an insider. "She says the doctors injected her with an anesthetic beforehand … and believes she had a MAJOR allergic reaction.”

Abraham personally told her side of the story as such:

“I was attempting to put in a lip implant, but while being relaxed by medication, the doctor used a method I was allergic to and I had a massive attack and went to [the ER]."

"The hospital doctors let the other doctor know what he should not have done. I'm not on medicine for 5 days in order to clear up and heal my body from the attack."

"I never received the lip implant.”

Goodness. Here's hoping she can get this resolved, one way or the other, because these are among the most cringe-worthy of cringe-worthy Farrah photos.

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