Breaking Bad-Themed Coffee Shop Opens in Istanbul: Make It a Grande, B-tch!

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We don't know if they have a super-charged blue blend, but we're guessing Walter's Coffee in Istanbul has just the right formula to get you tweaking on your way to work.

Breaking Bad Coffee Shop
Walter's Coffee Photo

Yes, Walt and Jesse are back - and this time, they're taking a page from the late Gale Boetticher's book and using all that fancy equipment to make coffee instead of Albuquerque's most in-demand meth.

Okay, so what we really have here is an Istanbul coffee shop where the employees simply dress like everyone's favorite cancerous kingpin in yellow hazmat suits and prepare their signature brews in a lab-like environment.

It's a slightly less dangerous venture, but don't be surprised if these guys end up in a Gus Fring-like partnership after being bought out by Starbucks.

Early reviews say the place is fully committed to its theme, right down to the periodic tables on the wall and the Heisenberg-inspired blue sky rock candy (pictured above).

Sounds like Walter's would make for a great pilgrimage for obsessive BB fans. Now you can just go get a coffee in Istanbul instead of throwing pizza on the roof of some poor old lady's house in New Mexico.

Someone better call Saul and see if he wants cream and sugar!

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