Breaking Bad Creator Urges Fans to Stop Throwing Pizzas on Nice Lady's Roof

Breaking Bad Creator to Fans: Stop Throwing Pizza!!!

As the best show in the history of television, Breaking Bad has left quite a legacy.

But while fans of the AMC drama are welcome to honor the series by walking around in tighty whities or by donning a pork pie hat, creator Vince Gilligan would very much like it if they stopped hurling pizzas on the roof of a nice lady who lives in New Mexico.

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Better Call Saul Trailer: Who is Jimmy McGill?!

Better Call Saul Trailer: Who is Jimmy McGill?!

Christmas has come early for Breaking Bad fans.

The first trailer for the highly-anticipated BB spinoff Better Call Saul dropped today, and as you might have guessed it prominently features Bob Odenkirk's fan favorite...Jimmy McGill?

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