Breaking Bad Creator Urges Fans to Stop Throwing Pizzas on Nice Lady's Roof

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As the best show in the history of television, Breaking Bad has left quite a legacy.

But while fans of the AMC drama are welcome to honor the series by walking around in tighty whities or by donning a pork pie hat, creator Vince Gilligan would very much like it if they stopped hurling pizzas on the roof of a nice lady who lives in New Mexico.

As soon as humanly possible, thank you very much.

Breaking Bad Pizza Scene

Gilligan addressed this harassment on his Better Call Saul Insider Podcast on Tuesday.

"Lately, we're hearing from the owner that folks are wandering on to her property, and are being rude to her when she comes out and basically says 'you're on my property,'" Gilligan said.

"They are throwing pizzas on roofs and stuff like that. Let me tell you, there is nothing original or funny or cool about throwing a pizza on this lady's roof. It is just not funny."

The seemingly odd behavior is a nod to a scene in Breaking Bad Season 3 when Walter White gets rebuffed by his wife after bringing home pizza as a form of reconciliation.

Out of frustration, he proceeds to toss the entire pie on to his roof.

"We love our fans," Gilligan added, but then called out those who have been replicating this fictional moment in real life:

"I don't love those fans. I don't consider them fans."

You can watch Breaking Bad online if you wish to relive this fun moment. But please leave the resident of this Albuquerque house alone.

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