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Kylie Jenner won’t turn 18 until August, but don’t tell that to Tyga, who’s been hittin’ it for statutory-style for almost a year (that we know of).

Believe it or not, both Tyga and Kylie have yet to publicly admit they’re dating, but the 25-year-old hides his guilt about as well as the Hamburglar.

Tyga - Pleazer

The whole world knows about the relationship, and there have even been rumors that Tyga and Kylie are engaged.

Yet T-Raw is still keeping it on the relative down-low for good reason. (If they’ve done anything sexual, it could land Tyga behind bars in California.)

Obviously, taking the jail-bait and sleeping with a girl who still lives with her mom isn’t the sort of thing that most rappers boast about, so it’s a bit surprising that Tyga spits lyrics about his felonious sexcapades in his newest single.

Maybe he felt the need to get something off his chest?

It’s still not what you would call a full-blown confession, but some of these lyrics leave little to the imagination:

"I hit her, her she backwards, lickin’ her  a–hole/My dick is the password/T-nasty bout to catch a felony for it/Vagina juice like orange juice in the mornin‘"

Rhymes like those not only indicate that Tyga’s illegal relationship is weighing heavily on his mind, but also serve as a reminder that he’s really a terrible rapper.

It’s a bold move on his part, and if history is any indication, he may live to regret it.

You may recall that Ariana Grande dumped Big Sean shortly after he dropped some graphic lines about her "billion dollar" vadge.

It’s almost like today’s very-young women don’t want their significantly older boyfriends making money by telling the world about their genitals. Go figure.