Ariana Grande: Big Sean "Billion Dollar P--sy" Reference Was the Relationship-Ender!

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Ariana Grande's camp says Big Sean's track "Stay Down," in which he references her "billion dollar p--sy," was the nail the coffin for their romance.

Sean and Ariana

Suffice it to say, sources close to Grande tell a slightly different story regarding her breakup with Big Sean than people connected with the rapper.

Yesterday, we reported that Sean dumped Ariana for being immature, and that she staged the Justin Bieber groping to hurt him after they broke up.

Today, TMZ cites an insider close to the 21-year-old pop star who claims the last straw was Big Sean's new song, "Stay Down," in which he raps:

I ain't even gonna lie
I got a million dollar chick
With a billion dollar p--sy
Every time I c-m
I swear to God I feel like I be rich

Yikes. Just what every girl wants to hear as she's swept off her feet.

Ariana felt humiliated, believing Sean treated her like a piece of meat; Grande's grandmother even asked her about the lyrics, which was embarrassing.

To hear her camp tell it, there was no going back from that.

There was plenty of tension leading up to this, of course, and contrary to Sean's claims, Team Ariana says she footed most of the bills for them.

That includes vacations and private flights - at his request.

Grande supporters are reportedly at a loss for why the 27-year-old rap star would turn around and call his girl a spendthrift given his own conduct.

As for Sean's complaint that she no-showed his big concert at the House of Blues the night before the Grammys, Ariana says she had no choice.

Her voice was strained and she was under orders to rest.

Ariana's vocal coach ordered her not to even speak the weekend leading up to that event, she says, and Sean was the selfish one if he can't grasp that.

The Bieber thing? Reports of Ariana dumping Sean for Justin Bieber are absurd, her camp says, as is the talk that she used him to needle Sean.

Team Grande says Ariana has respect for Sean and wishes him nothing but the best, but it's clear that this started to go south a couple of months ago.

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