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Kylie Jenner and Tyga. For a few months, they were the “It” couple of Hollywood.

Were they dating before August 2015? He says no, or at least he did … until she turned 18. Even then, he didn’t say yes, but it was obvious.

Flaunting social media PDA, tattoos, music vids and Ferraris 24/7 obvious.

The two certainly were always close, as evidenced by these great photos. And by “great” we mean likely to make you cringe a little, but still.

(Especially the Tiger toy one. Just creepy symbolism there.)

Yet just as quickly as the heat got TURNT UP this summer, the fire fizzled out as the seasons changed. By Thanksgiving time, it was all over.

Kylie dumped Tyga, we’re told, after he was busted engaging in some seriously shady behavior … to the shack of absolutely no one ever.

Certainly not Blac Chyna, who is off somewhere in a thong, nodding approvingly following perhaps the biggest “I told you so” of all time.

Perhaps this breakup has not only put an end to the epic Kylie Jenner-Blac Chyna feud, but will foster and unlikely friendship between them.

They certainly have plenty to gossip about after associating with this loser. Anyway, here’s a retrospective on Kyga through the years …