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Jep Robertson of Duck Dynasty recently spoke out about being the victim of sexual molestation as a child. Now, he’s explaining why he came forward.

For the married father of four, it was not an easy decision – and yet it was.

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"It’s kind of hard for me. It’s embarrassing and all that so I didn’t do it to get any attention for sure," said Jep Robertson of his child molestation.

"I just did it to try to help others who’ve been through something similar."

"If you think long enough – and I think I did – that it didn’t happen or I’m just never going to think about it again, it will never come back again."

"What’s sad is I’d look on Twitter and I saw several comments like ‘How could you remember something when you were six years old?’"

"This went on for a couple of years. I know exactly what happened."

"There’s no ‘I think’ or ‘maybe,’" Jep reiterated, furthering his point.

Robertson, who came forward with this revelation in the wake of the Josh Duggar molestation scandal, has nothing to be embarrassed about.

Coming forward can do no harm, and it may indeed help others to know he’s been there. It also must be cathartic in a sense for Jep himself.

Good on you, Jep. Good on you.