Farrah Abraham: Actually Civil, Calm During Teen Mom Reunion?!

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When the four cast members actually shared screen time on Teen Mom: OG, Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout had it out in a fight for the ages.

Will tonight's MTV reunion special feature more epic fireworks?!

Farrah and Maci on Teen Mom: OG

Sadly (or gratefully, depending on your viewpoint) ... not really.

In response to Maci's condemnation of the hit show bringing back her Backdoor co-star, Farrah called her a fake as f--k piece of s--t ... and so on.

Well, when the ladies reunited a second time, the mood was different. Abraham remained cool, calm, and collected during the reunion's taping.

"She mostly just stayed away from everyone," an insider said.

With Abraham's history, the cast members and their families "were understandably expecting fireworks" walking in, "but there was no drama!"

No clashes over whether it's a sex tape or a porno in other words? Too bad, we are always up for rehashing that classic debate (in Farrah's head).

Fortunately (or sadly), Abraham's mom Debra Danielsen, did her best to fill the void ... to a point where her offspring was downright uncomfortable.

How far did Double-D take it in her little girl's "defense"?

"She wore a tee-shirt that said 'Team Farrah' and cheered with pom-poms," a source on the set reveals. "It looked like she was trying way too hard."

Farrah was pretty "embarrassed" by her mother's behavior at the reunion taping, says the set insider, noting "Debra was just so over the top."

Should be very interesting to see tonight in any case ... if only because every time Farrah opens her mouth, SMH-style quotes are bound to emerge:

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