Farrah Abraham Slams Maci Bookout, Other Teen Moms on Twitter: It's a Sex Tape, NOT A PORN!!!

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If you watched Teen Mom Season 11 Episode 8 last night, then you know it finally went down between Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout.

By which we mean Maci griped about Farrah's porn past and Farrah, in turn, spewed a whole bunch of word-salad nonsense to and about Maci.

"It's not about porn," Farrah tells a Teen Mom producer in the above clip. "Porn, porn, porn, porn, porn. Because if I was really a porn person, then I would have a porn name.

"And it would probably be, like, Candy Willow. Featuring Ryan, her ex-boyfriend, who probably would accept my backdoor, okay?"

Um...sure. As you can see, Farrah once again demonstrated that her biggest problem isn't her porn sex tape past, but her batsh-t insanity.

Of course, she couldn't just make that point on the show and move on. No, the great Farrah-Maci Bookout Feud of 2015 had to also spill on Twitter during last night's airing.

Farrah posted the following tweets during the one hour that the show was on:

  • "Should we ask after the #MayPac hug if Maci is ever going to mature? Enjoy watching yourself."
  • "Maci is still scared. Well when she stops lieing [sic] being immature like the rest might be hope of me associating with them."
  • "I wonder if her book is full of lies like her mouth."
  • "Maybe @VividCorp should apologize to #TeenMom girls, still crying and envious of my celebrity sex tape. They named it."

There were more, but you get the idea. Farrah still insists that she's not a porn star and that Maci is the world's biggest hater.

Fortunately, Maci proved her wrong by responding like a boss:

"Pregnant girl just tryin ta enjoy my pasta damn," Bookout tweeted.

Watch Teen Mom online for more of Farrah being put in her place.

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