Farrah Abraham to Maci Bookout: You're Fake as F--k, You Piece of S--t!

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Farrah Abraham makes her feelings regarding Maci Bookout abundantly clear on this week's all-new Teen Mom: OG, and there's not a lot of love lost.

If you watch Teen Mom online, you know Farrah is now back, suddenly in mid-season, having not been asked to return initially by MTV.

You also know that when she heard about Abraham, Maci Bookout quit (briefly), apparently unwilling to share the spotlight with such an individual.

It's very far from clear why Maci cares as much as she does.

Backdoor Teen Mom star Farrah did porn, yes, but will that lone fact really tarnish the show and/or impact Maci's son so profoundly, as she claims?

Farrah Abraham certainly doesn't think so, and in the sneak preview above, we see her response to Maci’s response while talking to a producer.

Suffice it to say, Farrah does not mince words whatsoever.

“It’s been six years. I’m in a way different place, I’m in a way better place,” Abraham says. “She’s in the same place she was in six years ago."

“It must be hard to be fake. She must need the money.”

"Why would I be offended?" Farrah asks when the producer asks if she is. "I think it’s just as easy to not work with a fake, f--ked up, piece of s--t person."

"I’ve dealt with too much stupid s--t for the last couple of years ... I don’t have time for it. I don’t have time to defend myself."

Not, she says, when "I know what I hear is ignorance.”

“It’s not about porn," Abraham adds, echoing a familiar refrain she's stated countless times in the past year, since she's not "really a porn person."

If she were, Farrah says, "I would have a porn name, like Candy Willow, featuring [Ryan Edwards, Maci's ex] who probably looks at my backdoor."

Ouch. But yeah, we can see Ryan watching Farrah's porno and liking it way too much. As for Maci's response to Farrah's response to Maci's response?

We can only hope that candid moment was also caught on video ... and that these two slug it out on the inevitable reunion show later this summer.

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